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holistic spa + plant-based wellness

grounding. healing. relaxation.


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45, 60 & 90 minute appointments available

These full-body treatments offer a combination of relaxation massage, deep tissue manipulation, aromatherapy and plant-based healing to help folks both ground and release tensions from their bodies. Each is treatment is customized to focus on relieving areas of discomfort. 

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45 minute treatment

Using a select blend of essential oils and pure jojoba oil, this treatment offers deep nourishment to your hair & scalp. De-stress the mind and restore brilliance and shine to your hair with a sensational massage to every nook and cranny of your head. We begin by applying a hot, customized blend of jojoba oil and essential oils to nourish the scalp. Feel yourself melt into blissful relaxation as we encourage your body to absorb nature's healing gifts, and soothe away any lingering tensions using Deep Tissue and Swedish Massage techniques to your head and neck. A beautiful stand-alone service, or a luxurious add on to your 60 minute massage treatment.


60 minute treatment

This customized, gentle treatment renews and soothes the skin, revealing a soft, supple glow - from the inside out! A delicate botanical bath exfoliates and stimulates the skin, as we gently open and cleanse pores. Using an all-natural, custom-blended mask of select minerals, algae and fruit, we offer essential nutrients to rebalance and tone the face. Finally, melt into a masterful face, head and neck massage to relax your mind and find relief from conditions like sinus congestion, headaches or TMJ. Suitable & customized for all skin-types. A beautiful stand-alone service, or a luxurious add on to your 60 minute massage treatment.


75 minute treatment

This nourishing & exfoliating treatment uses only nature's finest botanicals and minerals, and is ideal for all skin-types, including acne-prone & sensitive skin. We begin with a gentle scrub of the back with a blend of dead sea salts and organic herbs. Next, a customized mud mask is applied to detoxify and tone the back. Once infused, we cleanse the skin with a healing botanical brew and nourish it with plant-based essences and oils. Finally, any remaining aches or stresses are soothed away with an aromatherapy-infused Swedish back and neck massage.


2.5 hour treatment

This full-body treatment combines the benefits of deep skin-cleansing with the nourishing benefits of Swedish Massage and aromatherapy. We begin with a hot botanical scrub of the entire body, cleansing pores, promoting detoxification and accelerating the skin's own ability to heal. The body is then painted & wrapped in a customized seaweed mask to tone, tighten and soften skin. After cocooning in nature's healing, use our luxurious spa shower to rinse, and then settle into sweet serenity with a Swedish back and leg massage.


75 minute treatment

Using herbal infusions, essential oils and Swedish Massage techniques, this luxurious treatment is far from your typical manicure or pedicure experience. We begin with a warm botanical soak and scrub of the feet, legs, arms and hands. Dead skin and callouses are removed with gentle exfoliation and nail care is provided in the form of cleaning, filing and cuticle treatment. Finally, we soothe and stretch the body with specialized massage techniques, bringing relief from aches and tensions in hands, feet, arms and legs.

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